Sky Journal is a poetry triptych by Hassen Saker, published by Dusie Press in 2014. Arranged in three parts, each page is a poem and the same page/poem of one part corresponds to the same numbered page/poem on each of the other two parts.

This project hinges on emancipation via transformation, despite whatever the sky may present that seems out of one’s control. These are journal entries on a journey, stanzas formed from tension between weather (circumstance) and will – poems written as a means to wrest from doom, a stab at synaptic reconstruction, to begin being, something more capable.

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Hassen Saker creates & performs transmedia poetry with texts, photography, video and sound. She’s also a sustainable entrepreneur and filmmaker. Saker has lived throughout the U.S. & currently resides in the Philadelphia area.

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a book of poems by Hassen Saker from Dusie Press

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